§ 16.1-86

When action deemed brought

A civil action on a warrant in a district court shall be deemed brought when the memorandum required by § 8.01-290 is filed with the clerk, magistrate, or other officer authorized to issue warrants and the required fee is paid. The officer issuing the warrant shall note on the memorandum the date and time it is received by him with the required fee.A civil action on a motion for judgment as authorized in § 16.1-81 shall be deemed brought on the day on which the motion is filed with the court.Whenever any other pleading in any civil action is filed in a district court, the clerk or his designee shall stamp or mark the date received and time of filing on the face of such pleading.


1956, c. 555; 1980, c. 739; 1990, c. 109.


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