§ 16.1-94.01

When and how satisfaction entered on judgment

A. When satisfaction of any judgment rendered in a court not of record is made, the judgment creditor shall by himself, or his agent or attorney, give written notice of such satisfaction, within 30 days of receipt, to the clerk of the court in which the judgment was rendered. Such notice shall include the docket number, the names of the parties, the date and amount of the judgment, and the date of the satisfaction. The clerk of the court shall then mark the judgment satisfied. For any money judgment marked as satisfied pursuant to this section, nothing herein shall satisfy an unexecuted order of possession entered pursuant to § 8.01-126.

B. If the judgment creditor fails to comply with subsection A, the judgment debtor, his heirs or personal representatives, may, on motion, after 10 days’ notice thereof to the judgment creditor, or his assignee, his personal representative, or his agent or attorney, apply to the court in which the judgment was rendered to have the judgment marked satisfied. Upon proof that the judgment has been satisfied, the clerk shall mark the judgment satisfied. If the judgment creditor or his legal representatives cannot be reasonably located, the notice may be published and posted as an order of publication is required to be published and posted under §§ 8.01-316 and 8.01-317.

C. The cost of such proceedings, including reasonable attorney fees and the cost of publication, may be ordered to be paid by the judgment creditor.


1999, c. 370; 2015, c. 547.


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