Confidentiality And Expungement

This is Article 12 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Confidentiality And Expungement.” It is part of Title 16.1, titled “Courts Not Of Record.” It is part of Chapter 11, titled “Juvenile And Domestic Relations District Courts.” It’s comprised of the following 17 sections.

§ 16.1-299
Fingerprints and photographs of juveniles
§ 16.1-299.1
Sample required for DNA analysis upon conviction or adjudication of felony
§ 16.1-299.2
§ 16.1-300
Confidentiality of Department records
§ 16.1-301
Confidentiality of juvenile law-enforcement records; disclosures to school principal and others
§ 16.1-302
Dockets, indices and order books; when hearings and records private; right to public hearing; presence of juvenile in court
§ 16.1-302.1
Right of victim or representative to attend certain proceedings; notice of hearings
§ 16.1-303
Reports of court officials and employees when privileged
§ 16.1-304
§ 16.1-305
Confidentiality of court records
§ 16.1-305.1
Disclosure of disposition in certain delinquency cases
§ 16.1-305.2
Disclosure of notice of the filing of a petition and certain reports by division superintendent
§ 16.1-306
Expungement of court records
§ 16.1-307
Circuit court records regarding juveniles
§ 16.1-308
Effect of adjudication on status of child
§ 16.1-309
§ 16.1-309.1
Exception as to confidentiality