§ 17.1-229

Additional documents to be recorded in deed book

All deeds, homestead deeds and leases of personal property, bills of sale, and all other contracts or liens as to personal property, which are by law required or permitted to be recorded, all mechanics’ liens, all other liens not directed to be recorded elsewhere and all other writings relating to or affecting personal property which are authorized to be recorded shall, unless otherwise provided, be recorded in the deed book and shall be indexed in the general index book; provided, however, the clerk may reject any writing for recordation that is not specifically authorized by law and set out in the Code of Virginia.


Code 1919, § 3393, § 17-61; 1920, p. 313; 1932, p. 333; 1985, c. 392; 1998, c. 872; 2010, c. 352.


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