§ 17.1-238

State highway plat book

The state highway plat book, which shall be provided by the Department of Transportation, shall be installed in the circuit court clerk’s office of each county of the Commonwealth and in the clerk’s office of the circuit court of any city wherein the Department of Transportation has acquired any interest in land, and all highway plats pertaining to the primary and secondary highway systems, and all plats in connection therewith, shall be filed therein by the clerk. The state highway plat book may be produced in one of the following forms: (i) paper; (ii) microfilm, microfiche, or any other microphotographic process, that meets state archival microfilm standards and state electronic records guidelines pursuant to § 42.1-82; or (iii) electronic process. The clerk shall note on each recorded deed relating to such plats and in the deed book, wherein such deed is recorded, or through recordation of a separate instrument referencing the page where such deed is recorded, the numbers of the state highway plat book and page wherein such plats are filed. The clerk so filing the plats and so noting the same shall receive a fee of $ 5. All plats filed prior to July 1, 1950, in such state highway plat book are hereby validated.


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