§ 17.1-292

Applicability; definitions

A. The provisions of § 17.1-293 of this article shall apply to clerks of the courts of record as defined in § 1-212 and courts not of record as defined in § 16.1-69.5.

B. As used in this article:”Court records” means any record maintained by the clerk in a civil, traffic, or criminal proceeding in the court, and any appeal from a district court.”Internet” means the international computer network of interoperable packet-switched data networks.”Land records” means any writing authorized by law to be recorded on paper or in electronic format that the clerk records affecting title to real property, including but not limited to instruments, orders, or any other writings recorded under this title, Article 5 (§ 8.01-446 et seq.) of Chapter 17 of Title 8.01, Title 8.9A and Chapter 6 (§ 55-106 et seq.) of Title 55.


2007, cc. 548, 626; 2013, c. 77.


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