§ 17.1-328

Fees charged and collected by Clerk of Supreme Court

A. The Clerk of the Supreme Court shall charge the following fees:

1. In every case in which a petition is presented, $ 50, which shall be collected at the time such petition is presented. Twenty-five dollars of each fee collected under this section shall be apportioned to the Courts Technology Fund established under § 17.1-132.

2. For making and certifying a copy of any record or document in the clerk’s office, ten cents per 100 words or twenty-five cents per page.

3. For verifying and certifying any record or document not actually copied by the clerk, one-half of the fee for copying and certifying, which shall not, however, be applied to the certification of a copy of the record in this court which has already been printed.

4. For authentication of any record, document or paper under the seal of the court, fifty cents.

5. For copying and certifying any document or paper of less than 250 words, twenty-five cents.

6. For administering an oath and entering an order qualifying an attorney to practice in the court, two dollars and fifty cents.

7. For certificate of such qualification under seal of the court, one dollar plus the cost of engrossing.

8. For entering an order and licensing an attorney from another state, under the reciprocity statute, $ 500.

9. For a law license certificate under seal of the court and a certificate of qualification under seal of the court, $ 15, which shall be apportioned to the Courts Technology Fund established under § 17.1-132, plus the cost of engrossing.

10. For all other services not specifically mentioned above, the same fee as would be charged by a clerk of a circuit court in similar cases.

B. The tribunal wherein a motion to associate counsel pro hac vice and an application of an out-of-state lawyer are filed shall collect the fee specified in Rule 1A:4 of the Rules of the Supreme Court and transmit such fee to the Clerk of the Supreme Court, who shall deposit such fee in the Pro Hac Vice Fund established pursuant to § 17.1-205.


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