§ 17.1-520

What tried at a special term

At any such special term:

1. Any civil case may be tried which could lawfully have been but was not tried at the last preceding term that was or should have been held;

2. Any motion cognizable by such court may be heard and determined, whether it was pending at the preceding term or not;

3. Any criminal case may be tried at such special term as if it were a regular term, although at the preceding regular term the same may not have been pending in the court or may have been continued; and

4. Any cause or matter of controversy, then ready for hearing or which may be made ready by consent of parties, may, with the consent of the parties to such cause or controversy, be heard and determined, although it could not lawfully have been heard at the preceding term that was or should have been held.


Code 1919, § 5896, § 17-131; 1998, c. 872; 2005, c. 681.


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