Costs Generally

This is Chapter 6 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Costs Generally.” It is part of Title 17.1, titled “Courts Of Record.” It’s comprised of the following 31 sections.

§ 17.1-600
Laws of costs not penal; discretion of courts of equity
§ 17.1-601
General rule as to recovery of costs on final judgment
§ 17.1-602
When successful plaintiff not to recover costs
§ 17.1-603
Costs when suit is in name of one person for another
§ 17.1-604
Costs in appellate courts
§ 17.1-605
Same; printing or otherwise reproducing brief and appendix
§ 17.1-606
Persons allowed services without fees or costs
§ 17.1-607
Security for costs upon suit by nonresident
§ 17.1-608
How obligor in such bond may obtain indemnity
§ 17.1-609
Costs on certain motions and interlocutory orders
§ 17.1-610
Payment of costs when new trial granted
§ 17.1-611
Allowances to witnesses for Commonwealth
§ 17.1-612
Allowances to other witnesses
§ 17.1-613
By whom and upon what certificate allowances to witnesses paid
§ 17.1-614
List of entries made on behalf of witnesses
§ 17.1-615
Time within which witnesses may be paid out of state treasury
§ 17.1-616
Restriction of costs for witnesses generally; when entry for witness not allowed
§ 17.1-617
Number of witnesses paid fees in criminal cases
§ 17.1-618
Allowances for jurors; expenses of keeping jury together; fees of jury commissioners and commissioner in chancery for drawing of juries
§ 17.1-619
How jurors paid
§ 17.1-620
When juror not entitled to compensation
§ 17.1-621
Clerk to make entry on minutes stating amount due and by whom payable
§ 17.1-622
Clerk to transmit orders making allowances to Supreme Court, treasurer and jurors
§ 17.1-623
Payment of allowances
§ 17.1-624
Who to tax costs
§ 17.1-625
Fee of one attorney only to be taxed
§ 17.1-626
Other items to be taxed in costs
§ 17.1-626.1
Recovery of costs in civil actions for bad checks
§ 17.1-627
Premium on indemnifying bond taxed as costs
§ 17.1-628
Judgment or decree for costs on behalf of Commonwealth; costs to be paid into state treasury
§ 17.1-629
No judgment for costs against Commonwealth; exception