§ 18.2-145.1

Damaging or destroying research farm product; penalty; restitution

A. Any person or entity that (i) maliciously damages or destroys any farm product, as defined in § 3.2-4709 and (ii) knows the product is grown for testing or research purposes in the context of product development in conjunction or coordination with a private research facility or a university or any federal, state or local government agency is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor if the value of the farm product was less than $ 200, or a Class 6 felony if the value of the farm product was $ 200 or more.

B. The court shall order the defendant to make restitution in accordance with § 19.2-305.1 for the damage or destruction caused. For the purpose of awarding restitution under this section, the court shall determine the market value of the farm product prior to its damage or destruction and, in so doing, shall include the cost of: (i) production, (ii) research, (iii) testing, (iv) replacement and (v) product development directly related to the product damaged or destroyed.


2001, cc. 547, 572.


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