§ 18.2-340.18

Powers and duties of the Department

The Department shall have all powers and duties necessary to carry out the provisions of this article and to exercise the control of charitable gaming as set forth in § 18.2-340.15. Such powers and duties shall include but not be limited to the following:

1. The Department is vested with jurisdiction and supervision over all charitable gaming authorized under the provisions of this article and including all persons that conduct or provide goods, services or premises used in the conduct of charitable gaming. It may employ such persons as are necessary to ensure that charitable gaming is conducted in conformity with the provisions of this article and the regulations of the Board. The Department shall designate such agents and employees as it deems necessary and appropriate who shall be sworn to enforce the provisions of this article and the criminal laws of the Commonwealth and who shall be law-enforcement officers as defined in § 9.1-101.

2. The Department, its agents and employees and any law-enforcement officers charged with the enforcement of charitable gaming laws shall have free access to the offices, facilities or any other place of business of any organization, including any premises devoted in whole or in part to the conduct of charitable gaming. These individuals may enter such places or premises for the purpose of carrying out any duty imposed by this article, securing records required to be maintained by an organization, investigating complaints, or conducting audits.

3. The Department may compel the production of any books, documents, records, or memoranda of any organizations or supplier involved in the conduct of charitable gaming for the purpose of satisfying itself that this article and its regulations are strictly complied with. In addition, the Department may require the production of an annual balance sheet and operating statement of any person granted a permit pursuant to the provisions of this article and may require the production of any contract to which such person is or may be a party.

4. The Department may issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses before it, administer oaths, and compel production of records or other documents and testimony of such witnesses whenever, in the judgment of the Department, it is necessary to do so for the effectual discharge of its duties.

5. The Department may compel any person conducting charitable gaming to file with the Department such documents, information or data as shall appear to the Department to be necessary for the performance of its duties.

6. The Department may enter into arrangements with any governmental agency of this or any other state or any locality in the Commonwealth or any agency of the federal government for the purposes of exchanging information or performing any other act to better ensure the proper conduct of charitable gaming.

7. The Department may issue a charitable gaming permit while the permittee’s tax-exempt status is pending approval by the Internal Revenue Service.

8. The Department shall report annually to the Governor and the General Assembly, which report shall include a financial statement of the operation of the Department and any recommendations for legislation applicable to charitable gaming in the Commonwealth.

9. The Department, its agents and employees may conduct such audits, in addition to those required by § 18.2-340.31, as they deem necessary and desirable.

10. The Department may limit the number of organizations for which a person may manage, operate or conduct charitable games.

11. The Department may report any alleged criminal violation of this article to the appropriate attorney for the Commonwealth for appropriate action.


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