§ 18.2-340.36

Suspension of permit

A. When any officer charged with the enforcement of the charitable gaming laws of the Commonwealth has reasonable cause to believe that the conduct of charitable gaming is being conducted by an organization in violation of this article or the regulations of the Board, he may apply to any judge, magistrate, or other person having authority to issue criminal warrants for the immediate suspension of the permit of the organization conducting the bingo game or raffle. If the judge, magistrate, or person to whom such application is presented is satisfied that probable cause exists to suspend the permit, he shall suspend the permit. Immediately upon such suspension, the officer shall notify the organization in writing of such suspension.

B. Written notice specifying the particular basis for the immediate suspension shall be provided by the officer to the organization within one business day of the suspension and a hearing held thereon by the Department or its designated hearing officer within 10 days of the suspension unless the organization consents to a later date. No charitable gaming shall be conducted by the organization until the suspension has been lifted by the Department or a court of competent jurisdiction.


1995, c. 837; 2003, c. 884.


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