§ 18.2-420

“Clandestine organization” defined

“Clandestine organization” means: any organization (1) which conceals, or attempts to conceal, its name, activities or membership, or the names, activities or membership of any chapter, branch, unit or affiliate thereof, by the use of cover-names, codes, or any deceptive practice or other means, or (2) whose members shall be required, urged, or instructed, or shall adopt any practice, to conceal their membership or affiliation and that of others in or with such organization, or (3) whose members shall take any oath or pledge, or shall administer any such oath or pledge to those associated with them, to maintain in secrecy any matter or knowledge committed to them by the organization or by any member thereof, or (4) which shall transact business or advance any purpose at any secret meeting or meetings which are guarded or secured against intrusion by persons not associated with it, and (5) whose purpose, policy or activity includes the unlawful use of violence, threats, or intimidation in accomplishing any of its objectives.


Code 1950, § 18.1-380.1; 1968, c. 792; 1975, cc. 14, 15.


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