§ 18.2-480.1

Admissibility of records of Department of Corrections in escape cases

In any prosecution for, or preliminary hearing for, the offense of escape under this article or Title 53.1, the records maintained by the Department of Corrections or the Department of Juvenile Justice, when such records are duly attested by the custodian of such records, shall be admissible in evidence as evidence of the fact, location and dates of confinement, provided that the records shall be filed with the clerk of the court hearing the case at least seven days prior to the trial or preliminary hearing. On motion of the accused, the court may require the custodian to appear as a witness and be subject to cross-examination; provided such motion is made within a reasonable time prior to the day on which the case is set for trial; and provided further, that the custodian so appearing shall be considered the Commonwealth’s witness.


1976, c. 394; 1989, c. 733.


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