Assaults And Bodily Woundings

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Assaults And Bodily Woundings.” It is part of Title 18.2, titled “Crimes And Offenses Generally.” It is part of Chapter 4, titled “Crimes Against The Person.” It’s comprised of the following 26 sections.

§ 18.2-51
Shooting, stabbing, etc., with intent to maim, kill, etc
§ 18.2-51.1
Malicious bodily injury to law-enforcement officers, firefighters, search and rescue personnel, or emergency medical services personnel; penalty; lesser-included offense
§ 18.2-51.2
Aggravated malicious wounding; penalty
§ 18.2-51.3
Prohibition against reckless endangerment of others by throwing objects from places higher than one story; penalty
§ 18.2-51.4
Maiming, etc., of another resulting from driving while intoxicated
§ 18.2-51.5
Maiming, etc., of another resulting from operating a watercraft while intoxicated; penalty
§ 18.2-51.6
Strangulation of another; penalty
§ 18.2-52
Malicious bodily injury by means of any caustic substance or agent or use of any explosive or fire
§ 18.2-52.1
Possession of infectious biological substances or radiological agents; penalties
§ 18.2-53
Shooting, etc., in committing or attempting a felony
§ 18.2-53.1
Use or display of firearm in committing felony
§ 18.2-54
Conviction of lesser offenses under certain indictments
§ 18.2-54.1
Attempts to poison
§ 18.2-54.2
Adulteration of food, drink, drugs, cosmetics, etc.; penalty
§ 18.2-55
Bodily injuries caused by prisoners, state juvenile probationers and state and local adult probationers or adult parolees
§ 18.2-55.1
Hazing of youth gang members unlawful; criminal liability
§ 18.2-56
Hazing unlawful; civil and criminal liability; duty of school, etc., officials; penalty
§ 18.2-56.1
Reckless handling of firearms; reckless handling while hunting
§ 18.2-56.2
Allowing access to firearms by children; penalty
§ 18.2-57
Assault and battery; penalty
§ 18.2-57.01
Pointing laser at law-enforcement officer unlawful; penalty
§ 18.2-57.02
Disarming a law-enforcement or correctional officer; penalty
§ 18.2-57.1
§ 18.2-57.2
Assault and battery against a family or household member; penalty
§ 18.2-57.3
Persons charged with first offense of assault and battery against a family or household member may be placed on local community-based probation; conditions; education and treatment programs; costs and fees; violations; discharge
§ 18.2-57.4
Reporting findings of assault and battery to military family advocacy representatives