False Representations To Obtain Property Or Credit

This is Article 5 of the Code of Virginia, titled “False Representations To Obtain Property Or Credit.” It is part of Title 18.2, titled “Crimes And Offenses Generally.” It is part of Chapter 6, titled “Crimes Involving Fraud.” It’s comprised of the following 16 sections.

§ 18.2-186
False statements to obtain property or credit
§ 18.2-186.1
§ 18.2-186.2
False statements or failure to disclose material facts in order to obtain aid or benefits under any local, state or federal housing assistance program
§ 18.2-186.3
Identity theft; penalty; restitution; victim assistance
§ 18.2-186.3:1
Identity fraud; consumer reporting agencies; police reports
§ 18.2-186.4
Use of a person's identity with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass; penalty
§ 18.2-186.4:1
Internet publication of personal information of certain public officials
§ 18.2-186.5
Expungement of false identity information from police and court records; Identity Theft Passport
§ 18.2-186.6
Breach of personal information notification
§ 18.2-187
§ 18.2-187.1
Obtaining or attempting to obtain oil, electric, gas, water, telephone, telegraph, cable television or electronic communication service without payment; penalty; civil liability
§ 18.2-187.2
Audiovisual recording of motion pictures unlawful; penalty
§ 18.2-188
Defrauding hotels, motels, campgrounds, boardinghouses, etc
§ 18.2-188.1
Defrauding person having a lien on an animal; penalty
§ 18.2-189
Defrauding keeper of motor vehicles or watercraft
§ 18.2-190
Fraudulent misrepresentation as to breed of bull or cattle