This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Drugs.” It is part of Title 18.2, titled “Crimes And Offenses Generally.” It is part of Chapter 7, titled “Crimes Involving Health And Safety.” It’s comprised of the following 50 sections.

§ 18.2-247
Use of terms "controlled substances," "marijuana," "Schedules I, II, III, IV, V and VI," "imitation controlled substance" and "counterfeit controlled substance" in Title 18.2
§ 18.2-248
Manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing, or possessing with intent to manufacture, sell, give, or distribute a controlled substance or an imitation controlled substance prohibited; penalties
§ 18.2-248.01
Transporting controlled substances into the Commonwealth; penalty
§ 18.2-248.02
Allowing a minor or incapacitated person to be present during manufacture or attempted manufacture of methamphetamine prohibited; penalties
§ 18.2-248.03
Manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing, or possessing with intent to manufacture, sell, give, or distribute methamphetamine; penalty
§ 18.2-248.04
Methamphetamine Cleanup Fund established
§ 18.2-248.1
Penalties for sale, gift, distribution or possession with intent to sell, give or distribute marijuana
§ 18.2-248.1:1
§ 18.2-248.2
§ 18.2-248.3
Professional use of imitation controlled substances
§ 18.2-248.4
Advertisement of imitation controlled substances prohibited; penalty
§ 18.2-248.5
Illegal stimulants and steroids; penalty
§ 18.2-248.6
§ 18.2-248.8
§ 18.2-249
§ 18.2-250
Possession of controlled substances unlawful
§ 18.2-250.1
Possession of marijuana unlawful
§ 18.2-251
Persons charged with first offense may be placed on probation; conditions; substance abuse screening, assessment treatment and education programs or services; drug tests; costs and fees; violations; discharge
§ 18.2-251.01
Substance abuse screening and assessment for felony convictions
§ 18.2-251.02
Drug Offender Assessment and Treatment Fund
§ 18.2-251.03
Safe reporting of overdoses
§ 18.2-251.1
Possession or distribution of marijuana for medical purposes permitted
§ 18.2-251.2
Possession and distribution of flunitrazepam; enhanced penalty
§ 18.2-251.3
Possession and distribution of gamma-butyrolactone; 1, 4-butanediol; enhanced penalty
§ 18.2-251.4
Defeating drug and alcohol screening tests; penalty
§ 18.2-252
Suspended sentence conditioned upon substance abuse screening, assessment, testing, and treatment or education
§ 18.2-253
§ 18.2-254
Commitment of convicted person for treatment for substance abuse
§ 18.2-254.1
Drug Treatment Court Act
§ 18.2-255
Distribution of certain drugs to persons under 18 prohibited; penalty
§ 18.2-255.1
Distribution, sale or display of printed material advertising instruments for use in administering marijuana or controlled substances to minors; penalty
§ 18.2-255.2
Prohibiting the sale or manufacture of drugs on or near certain properties; penalty
§ 18.2-256
§ 18.2-257
§ 18.2-258
Certain premises deemed common nuisance; penalty
§ 18.2-258.01
Enjoining nuisances involving illegal drug transactions
§ 18.2-258.02
Maintaining a fortified drug house; penalty
§ 18.2-258.1
Obtaining drugs, procuring administration of controlled substances, etc., by fraud, deceit or forgery
§ 18.2-258.2
Assisting individuals in unlawfully procuring prescription drugs; penalty
§ 18.2-259
Penalties to be in addition to civil or administrative sanctions
§ 18.2-259.1
Forfeiture of driver's license for violations of article
§ 18.2-260
Prescribing, dispensing, etc., drug except as authorized in article and Drug Control Act; violations for which no penalty provided
§ 18.2-260.1
Falsifying patient records
§ 18.2-261
Monetary penalty
§ 18.2-262
Witnesses not excused from testifying or producing evidence because of self-incrimination
§ 18.2-263
Unnecessary to negative exception, etc.; burden of proof of exception, etc
§ 18.2-264
Inhaling drugs or other noxious chemical substances or causing, etc., others to do so
§ 18.2-264.01
§ 18.2-264.1
§ 18.2-265