Miscellaneous Dangerous Conduct

This is Article 8 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Miscellaneous Dangerous Conduct.” It is part of Title 18.2, titled “Crimes And Offenses Generally.” It is part of Chapter 7, titled “Crimes Involving Health And Safety.” It’s comprised of the following 20 sections.

§ 18.2-312
Illegal use of tear gas, phosgene and other gases
§ 18.2-313
Handling or using snakes so as to endanger human life or health
§ 18.2-313.1
Withholding information about possibly rabid animal; penalty
§ 18.2-313.2
Introduction of snakehead fish or zebra mussel; penalty
§ 18.2-314
Failing to secure medical attention for injured child
§ 18.2-315
§ 18.2-316
Duty of persons causing well or pit to be dug to fill it before abandonment
§ 18.2-317
Covers to be kept on certain wells
§ 18.2-318
Authority of counties, cities and towns to require and regulate well covers
§ 18.2-319
Discarding or abandoning iceboxes, etc.; precautions required
§ 18.2-320
Sale, etc., of plastic bags; warning required
§ 18.2-321
Using X ray, fluoroscope, etc., in the fitting of footwear
§ 18.2-322
Expectorating in public places
§ 18.2-322.1
§ 18.2-323
Leaving disabled or dead animal in road, or allowing dead animal to remain unburied
§ 18.2-323.01
Prohibition against disposal of dead body; penalty
§ 18.2-323.02
Prohibition against concealment of dead body; penalty
§ 18.2-323.1
Drinking while operating a motor vehicle; possession of open container while operating a motor vehicle and presumption; penalty
§ 18.2-324
Throwing or depositing certain substances upon highway; removal of such substances
§ 18.2-324.1
Punishment for violation of §§ 55-298.1 through 55-298.5, relating to electric fences