§ 19.2-326

Payment of expenses of appeals of indigent defendants

In any felony or misdemeanor case wherein the judge of the circuit court, from the affidavit of the defendant or any other evidence certifies that the defendant is financially unable to pay his attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses incident to an appeal, the court to which an appeal is taken shall order the payment of such attorneys’ fees in an amount not less than $ 300, costs or necessary expenses of such attorneys in an amount deemed reasonable by the court, by the Commonwealth out of the appropriation for criminal charges. If the conviction is upheld on appeal, the attorney’s fees, costs and necessary expenses of such attorney paid by the Commonwealth under the provisions hereof shall be assessed against the defendant.


Code 1950, § 17-30.2; 1962, c. 419; 1964, c. 651; 1975, c. 495; 1980, c. 626; 1984, c. 703.


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