Public Defenders

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Public Defenders.” It is part of Title 19.2, titled “Criminal Procedure.” It is part of Chapter 10, titled “Disability Of Judge Or Attorney For Commonwealth; Court- Appointed Counsel; Interpreters; Transcripts.” It’s comprised of the following 6 sections.

§ 19.2-163.1
§ 19.2-163.3
Duties of public defenders
§ 19.2-163.4
Inapplicability of §§ 17.1-606 and 19.2-163 where public defender offices established; exception
§ 19.2-163.4:1
Repayment of representation costs by convicted persons
§ 19.2-163.5
Legal services to public defenders and/or assistant public defenders
§ 19.2-163.6