Preliminary Hearing

This is Chapter 12 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Preliminary Hearing.” It is part of Title 19.2, titled “Criminal Procedure.” It’s comprised of the following 17 sections.

§ 19.2-183
Examination of witnesses; assistance of counsel; evidentiary matters and remedies; power to adjourn case
§ 19.2-183.1
Joint preliminary hearings
§ 19.2-184
Witnesses may be separated (Subsection (a) of Supreme Court Rule 2:615 derived in part from this section)
§ 19.2-185
Testimony may be reduced to writing and subscribed
§ 19.2-186
When accused to be discharged, tried, committed or bailed by judge
§ 19.2-187
Admission into evidence of certain certificates of analysis
§ 19.2-187.01
Certificate of analysis as evidence of chain of custody of material described therein
§ 19.2-187.02
Admissibility of written reports or records of blood alcohol tests conducted in the regular course of providing emergency medical treatment
§ 19.2-187.1
Procedures for notifying accused of certificate of analysis; waiver; continuances
§ 19.2-187.2
Procedure for subpoena duces tecum of analysis evidence
§ 19.2-188
Reports by Chief Medical Examiner received as evidence
§ 19.2-188.1
Testimony regarding identification of controlled substances
§ 19.2-188.2
Certificate of surgeon as evidence
§ 19.2-188.3
Admissibility of affidavits by government officials regarding a search of government records (Subdivision (10)(b) of Supreme Court Rule 2:803 derived from this section)
§ 19.2-189
Commitment of accused for further examination
§ 19.2-190
To whom, and when, examination and recognizance to be certified
§ 19.2-190.1
Certification of ancillary misdemeanor offenses