§ 2.2-1118

Purchases from employment services organizations of Virginia serving individuals with disabilities

A. The Division shall publish annually a list of materials, supplies, services and equipment which, in the opinion of the Division, would be beneficial to the Commonwealth to procure from an employment services organization as defined in § 2.2-4301. The list shall exclude items currently produced by schools or workshops under the supervision of the Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired or by inmates confined in state correctional institutions.

B. Any item or service included on the list required by subsection A may be purchased by the Division from employment services organizations serving individuals with disabilities without competitive procurement, if the Division is satisfied that the items and services (i) can be purchased within ten percent of their fair market value, (ii) will be of acceptable quality, and (iii) can be produced in sufficient quantities within the time required.

C. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the Division from amending the list required under subsection A by adding categories to the list after it has been published.


1978, c. 24, § 2.1-450.1; 1982, c. 647; 1987, c. 72; 2001, c. 844; 2012, c. 632.


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