§ 2.2-1122

Aid and cooperation of Division may be sought by any public body or public broadcasting station in making purchases; use of facilities of Virginia Distribution Center; services to certain volunteer organizations

A. Virginia public broadcasting stations as defined in § 22.1-20.1, and public bodies as defined in § 2.2-4300 who are empowered to purchase material, equipment, and supplies of any kind, may purchase through the Division. When any such public body, public broadcasting station, or duly authorized officer requests the Division to obtain bids for any materials, equipment and supplies, and the bids have been obtained by the Division, the Division may award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder, and the public body or public broadcasting station shall be bound by the contract. The Division shall set forth in the purchase order that the materials, equipment, and supplies be delivered to, and that the bill be rendered and forwarded to, the public body or public broadcasting station. Any such bill shall be a valid and enforceable claim against the public body or public broadcasting station requesting the bids.

B. The Division may make available to any public body or public broadcasting station the facilities of the Virginia Distribution Center maintained by the Division; however, the furnishing of any such services or supplies shall not limit or impair any services or supplies normally rendered any department, division, institution, or agency of the Commonwealth.

C. The Board of Education shall furnish to the Division a list of public broadcasting stations in Virginia for the purposes of this section.

D. The services or supplies authorized by this section shall extend to any volunteer fire company or volunteer emergency medical services agency that is recognized by an ordinance to be a part of the safety program of a county, city, or town when the services or supplies are sought through and approved by the governing body of such county, city, or town.

E. For purposes of this section, “public broadcasting station” means the same as that term is defined in § 22.1-20.1.


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