§ 2.2-114

Coordination of official communications with federal and foreign governments

The Governor may adopt regulations for coordination of official communications on behalf of the Commonwealth by any officer, agency or employee of the Commonwealth with the government of the United States, another state or foreign nation. Subject to the ultimate authority of the General Assembly to prescribe the policies of the Commonwealth and within the framework of policy established by the General Assembly, all communications shall be at the policy direction of the Governor; however, communications by the General Assembly or the Supreme Court of Virginia with the legislature or the judiciary, respectively, of the United States, another state or foreign nation, shall be at the discretion of the General Assembly and the Supreme Court of Virginia. Actions taken under § 2.2-611 shall be subject to the provisions of this section.


1976, c. 704, § 2.1-38.2; 2001, c. 844.


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