§ 2.2-1208

Long-term care insurance

A. The Department of Human Resource Management shall develop, implement, and administer a long-term care insurance program for state employees and for any person who has five or more years of creditable service with any retirement plan administered by the Virginia Retirement System. The Department of Human Resource Management is authorized to contract for and purchase such coverage or use other actuarially sound funding necessary to effectuate this provision.

B. Any person eligible to participate in the long-term care insurance program established pursuant to § 2.2-1207 will not be eligible for this plan.

C. The Department shall adopt regulations regarding the establishment and the administration of the plan or plans.

D. The Department shall not carry out the provisions of this section if and when the Virginia Retirement System assumes responsibility for the long-term care coverage program pursuant to § 51.1-513.2.


2004, c. 312; 2008, c. 568.


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