§ 2.2-1502.1

School efficiency review program

A. From such funds as may be appropriated or otherwise received for such purpose, and upon written request by a local school board or the division superintendent, the Director shall initiate a review of the relevant school division’s central operations. Such review shall identify best practices followed by the division that may be shared with other divisions statewide, examine noninstructional expenditures, and identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs for the division. The review shall include examinations of (i) divisional administration, (ii) human resources, (iii) educational service delivery costs, (iv) facilities use and management, (v) financial management, (vi) transportation, (vii) technology management, and (viii) food services. Such review shall not address the effectiveness of the educational services being delivered by the division and shall not constitute a division-level academic review as required by § 22.1-253.13:3.

B. All agencies, authorities, and institutions of the Commonwealth shall cooperate and provide assistance as the Director may request.


2005, c. 620; 2006, c. 596; 2016, cc. 53, 70.


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