§ 2.2-1504

Estimates by state agencies of amounts needed

A. Biennially in the odd-numbered years, on a date established by the Governor, each of the several state agencies and other agencies and undertakings receiving or asking financial aid from the Commonwealth shall report to the Governor, through the responsible secretary designated by statute or executive order, in a format prescribed for such purpose, an estimate in itemized form in accordance with the expenditure classification adopted by the Governor, showing the amount needed for each year of the ensuing biennial period beginning with the first day of July. The Governor may prescribe targets that shall not be exceeded in the official estimate of each agency; however, an agency may submit to the Governor a request for an amount exceeding the target as an addendum to its official budget estimate.

B. Each agency or undertaking required to submit a biennial estimate pursuant to subsection A shall simultaneously submit an estimate of the amount that will be needed for the two succeeding biennial periods beginning July 1 of the third year following the year in which the estimate is submitted. The Department shall provide, within thirty days following receipt, copies of all agency estimates provided under this subsection to the chairmen of the House Committee on Appropriations and the Senate Committee on Finance.

C. The format used in making these estimates shall (i) be prescribed by the Governor, shall (ii) be uniform for all agencies, and (iii) clearly designate the kind of information to be given. The Governor may prescribe a different format for estimates from institutions of higher education, which format shall be uniform for all such institutions and shall clearly designate the kind of information to be provided.


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