§ 2.2-1518

Governor to submit a tentative bill for a capital outlay plan; gubernatorial amendments proposed to the plan


1. No later than January 13, 2009, the Governor shall submit to the General Assembly a tentative bill establishing a capital outlay plan that includes new capital outlay projects (and previously planned or authorized capital outlay projects) that the Governor proposes to be funded entirely or partially from general fund-supported resources for the six fiscal years beginning July 1, 2009. Projects included in the capital outlay plan shall be in addition to any projects for which funds are appropriated from the Central Maintenance Reserve of the general appropriation act.

2. The capital outlay plan submitted by the Governor shall list capital outlay projects in different tiers. Each tier shall be a grouping of capital outlay projects with the total estimated cost of each project in the tier falling within a minimum and a maximum project cost assigned to the tier, provided that no estimated project costs shall be set out in the plan. The minimum and maximum range assigned to a tier shall be mutually exclusive of all other minimum and maximum ranges assigned to other tiers in order that no capital outlay project shall be reported in more than one tier.For each capital outlay project listed in the plan the Governor shall provide the following information: (i) the agency or public educational institution to which the project is related, (ii) a description of the project, and (iii) a ranking number assigned to the project, which number shall signify the priority of the project when compared to all other projects of the agency or institution listed in the plan.

B. In 2011, and each year thereafter, the Governor shall, on or before December 20, submit to the General Assembly a tentative bill proposing amendments to the current capital outlay plan enacted into law, including adjusting the fiscal years covered by the plan so that the plan will cover the six fiscal years beginning on the immediately following July 1. Any such tentative bill shall be submitted using the format described in subsection A.

C. In submitting to the General Assembly tentative bills for the initial capital outlay plan and for plan amendments, the Governor shall consider the capital outlay project list submitted by the Advisory Committee pursuant to § 2.2-1516 and any amendments to the six-year capital outlay plan recommended by the Advisory Committee pursuant to such section.


2008, Sp. Sess. I, cc. 1, 2; 2011, cc. 697, 718.


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