§ 2.2-2001.4

Military medical personnel; pilot program

A. For the purposes of this section, “military medical personnel” means an individual who has recently served as a medic in the United States Army, medical technician in the United States Air Force, or corpsman in the United States Navy or the United States Coast Guard and who was discharged or released from such service under conditions other than dishonorable.

B. The Department, in collaboration with the Department of Health Professions, shall establish a pilot program in which military medical personnel may practice and perform certain delegated acts that constitute the practice of medicine under the supervision of a physician or podiatrist who holds an active, unrestricted license in Virginia. Such activities shall reflect the level of training and experience of the military medical personnel. The supervising physician or podiatrist shall retain responsibility for the care of the patient.

C. Any licensed physician or podiatrist, a professional corporation or partnership of any licensee, any hospital, or any commercial enterprise having medical facilities for its employees that are supervised by one or more physicians or podiatrists may participate in such pilot program.

D. The Department shall establish general requirements for participating military medical personnel, licensees, and employers.


2016, cc. 212, 418.


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