§ 2.2-2617

Commonwealth Attorneys Services Council; purpose; membership terms; compensation

A. The Commonwealth Attorneys Services Council is established as a supervisory council, within the meaning of § 2.2-2100, in the executive branch of state government. The purpose of the Council shall be to ensure the upgrading of criminal justice administration by providing and coordinating training, education and services for attorneys for the Commonwealth, there is created in the executive branch the Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Services Council that shall be under the direction and control of the Governor.

B. The Council shall consist of not more than sixteen members, as follows: one attorney for the Commonwealth for each congressional district in the Commonwealth to be elected as provided in subsection C; the president, the president-elect, the vice-president and the secretary-treasurer of the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys, and the immediate past president of the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys. The president of the Association shall be the chairman of the Council; the president-elect and vice-president shall be first and second vice-chairmen, respectively, and the secretary-treasurer shall serve as secretary of the Council.

C. The initial terms of the members elected from congressional districts shall be as follows: for the members from the odd-numbered districts, until July 1 of the next following even-numbered year after their election; for the members from the even-numbered districts, until July 1 of the next following odd-numbered year after the election; thereafter, all terms shall be for two years.The election for members shall be held annually at the annual meeting of the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys. One member shall be elected initially, and every two years thereafter, from each of the several congressional districts by the membership of the Association at large. Each such member shall be an attorney for the Commonwealth holding office within his congressional district.

D. Upon the termination of the office of any member as attorney for the Commonwealth, his membership on the Council shall be terminated. Vacancies shall be filled for the congressional district in which the former member resided for the unexpired term by a majority vote of the Council. Members shall be eligible for more than one term.

E. The Council shall establish its own bylaws, procedures and requirements with respect to quorum, place and conduct of its meetings and its other business matters, provided, that such bylaws shall include a provision that the Council hold no less than ten meetings a year, and that other meetings be held when called by the chairman, or, in the absence of the chairman, the first vice-chairman, or upon the written request of four members.

F. Members of the Council shall receive no salaries but shall be reimbursed their reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties as provided in § 2.2-2825.


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