§ 2.2-2666.2

Duties of Council; staff support

The Council shall identify and study and provide advice and comments to the Governor on issues of mutual concern to the Commonwealth and the Armed Forces of the United States, including exclusive and concurrent jurisdiction over military installations, educational quality and the future of federal impact aid, preparedness, public safety and security concerns, transportation needs, alcoholic beverage law enforcement, substance abuse, social service needs, possible expansion and growth of military facilities in the Commonwealth and such other issues as the Governor or the Council may determine to be appropriate subjects of joint consideration.Such staff support as is necessary for the conduct of the Council’s business shall be furnished by the Office of the Governor, the Office of the Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs, and such other executive agencies as the Governor may designate.


2002, c. 676; 2011, cc. 780, 858; 2014, cc. 115, 490.


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