§ 2.2-2699.6

Powers and duties of the ITAC

A. The ITAC shall have the power and duty to:

1. Adopt rules and procedures for the conduct of its business;

2. Advise the CIO on the development of all major information technology projects as defined in § 2.2-2006;

3. Advise the CIO on strategies, standards, and priorities for the use of information technology for executive branch agencies;

4. Advise the CIO on developing the six-year plan for information technology projects;

5. Advise the CIO on statewide technical and data standards for information technology and related systems, including the utilization of nationally recognized technical and data standards for health information technology systems or software purchased by a state agency of the Commonwealth;

6. Advise the CIO on statewide information technology architecture and related system technical and data standards;

7. Advise the CIO on assessing and meeting the Commonwealth’s business needs through the application of information technology;

8. Advise the CIO on the prioritization, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide technology applications; annually review all executive branch agency technology applications budgets; and advise the CIO on infrastructure expenditures; and

9. Advise the CIO on the development, implementation, and execution of a technology applications governance framework for executive branch agencies. Such framework shall establish the categories of use by which technology applications shall be classified, including but not limited to enterprise-wide, multiagency, or agency-specific. The framework shall also provide the policies and procedures for determining within each category of use (i) the ownership and sponsorship of applications, (ii) the proper development of technology applications, (iii) the schedule for maintenance or enhancement of applications, and (iv) the methodology for retirement or replacement of applications. ITAC shall include the participation of executive branch agency leaders who are necessary for defining agency business needs, as well as agency information technology managers who are necessary for overseeing technology applications performance relative to agency business needs. Agency representatives shall assist ITAC in determining the potential information technology solutions that can meet agency business needs, as well as how those solutions may be funded.

B. Definitions.

As used in this section:

“Executive branch agency” has the same meaning as set forth in § 2.2-2006.”Technology applications” includes, but is not limited to, hardware, software, maintenance, facilities, contractor services, goods, and services that promote business functionality and facilitate the storage, flow, use or processing of information by executive branch agencies of the Commonwealth in the execution of their business activities.


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