§ 2.2-2800

Disability to hold state office

No person shall be capable of holding any office of honor, profit or trust under the Constitution of Virginia, who (i) holds any office or post of profit, trust, or emolument, civil or military, legislative, executive, or judicial, under the government of the United States; (ii) is in the employment of such government; or (iii) receives from it in any way any emolument whatever. The acceptance of any office, post, trust, or emolument, or the acceptance of any emolument whatever under the government of the United States, shall, ipso facto, vacate any office, or post of profit, trust or emolument under the government of the Commonwealth or under any county, city, or town thereof.


Code 1950, § 2-27; 1966, c. 677, § 2.1-30; 2001, c. 844.


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