§ 2.2-2802

Exception as to public officer or employee engaging in war service or called to active duty with the armed forces

No state, county or municipal officer or employee shall forfeit his title to office or position or vacate the same by reason of either engaging in the war service of the United States when called forth by the Governor pursuant to the provisions of § 44-75.1, or when called to active duty in the armed forces of the United States. Any such officer or employee who, voluntarily or otherwise, enters upon such war service or is called to service may notify the officer or body authorized by law to fill vacancies in his office, of such fact, and thereupon be relieved from the duties of his office or position during the period of such service. The officer or body authorized to fill vacancies shall designate some suitable person to perform the duties of such office as acting officer during the period the regular officer is engaged in such service, and during such period the acting officer shall be vested with all the powers, authority, rights and duties of the regular officer for whom he is acting.


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