§ 2.2-310

Cooperation of state agencies and officers

A. Each state agency and every officer and employee shall (i) promptly report any allegations of criminal acts or acts of fraud, waste, abuse, or corruption and (ii) cooperate with, and provide assistance to, the State Inspector General in the performance of any investigation. This reporting requirement shall be deemed satisfied for officers or employees of an agency once the agency head reports to the State Inspector General any allegations of criminal acts, fraud, waste, abuse, or corruption within the agency. Each state agency shall make its premises, equipment, personnel, books, records, and papers readily available to the State Inspector General upon request.

B. When a state agency head or officer discovers any unauthorized, illegal, irregular, or unsafe handling or expenditure of state funds, or if it comes to his attention that any unauthorized, illegal, or unsafe handling or expenditure of state funds is contemplated but not consummated, he shall promptly report the same to the State Inspector General.

C. The State Inspector General may enter upon the premises of any state agency at any time, without prior announcement, if necessary to the successful completion of an investigation. In the course of an investigation, the State Inspector General may question any officer or employee serving in, and any person transacting business with, the state agency and may inspect and copy any books, records, or papers in the possession of the state agency. The State Inspector General shall preserve the confidentiality of any information obtained from a state agency during the course of an investigation in accordance with applicable state and federal law.


2011, cc. 798, 871; 2013, cc. 717, 723.


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