§ 2.2-3114.2

Report of gifts by certain officers and employees of state government

The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and each member of the Governor’s Cabinet shall file, on or before May 1, a report of gifts accepted or received by him or a member of his immediate family during the period beginning on January 1 complete through adjournment sine die of the regular session of the General Assembly. The gift report shall be on a form prescribed by the Council and shall be filed electronically with the Council in accordance with the standards approved by it pursuant to § 30-356. For purposes of this section, “adjournment sine die” means adjournment on the last legislative day of the regular session and does not include the ensuing reconvened session. Any gifts reported pursuant to this section shall not be listed on the annual disclosure form prescribed by the Council pursuant to § 2.2-3117.


2016, cc. 773, 774.


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