§ 2.2-4019

Informal fact finding proceedings

A. Agencies shall ascertain the fact basis for their decisions of cases through informal conference or consultation proceedings unless the named party and the agency consent to waive such a conference or proceeding to go directly to a formal hearing. Such conference-consultation procedures shall include rights of parties to the case to (i) have reasonable notice thereof, which notice shall include contact information consisting of the name, telephone number, and government email address of the person designated by the agency to answer questions or otherwise assist a named party; (ii) appear in person or by counsel or other qualified representative before the agency or its subordinates, or before a hearing officer for the informal presentation of factual data, argument, or proof in connection with any case; (iii) have notice of any contrary fact basis or information in the possession of the agency that can be relied upon in making an adverse decision; (iv) receive a prompt decision of any application for a license, benefit, or renewal thereof; and (v) be informed, briefly and generally in writing, of the factual or procedural basis for an adverse decision in any case.

B. Agencies may, in their case decisions, rely upon public data, documents or information only when the agencies have provided all parties with advance notice of an intent to consider such public data, documents or information. This requirement shall not apply to an agency’s reliance on case law and administrative precedent.


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