§ 2.2-402

Keeper of seals of Commonwealth; duties generally

A. The Secretary of the Commonwealth shall (i) be keeper of the seals of the Commonwealth; (ii) keep a record of all executive acts, arrange and preserve all records and papers belonging to the executive branch of state government; (iii) be charged with the clerical duties of that department; and (iv) render to the Governor, in the dispatch of executive business, such services as he requires. The Secretary of the Commonwealth shall record or register all papers or documents required by law to be registered or recorded in his office, and, when required, furnish a copy of any record in his office under the seal of the Commonwealth.

B. The Secretary of the Commonwealth may authenticate records of any court of the Commonwealth and of any department of the government. He shall keep a register of all city, incorporated town, county, and district officers, and, when required, give a certificate of the election and qualification of any such officer.

C. The Secretary of the Commonwealth shall make an annual report to the Governor, identifying the following: (a) the boards of visitors of all public institutions, and other boards appointed by the Governor; (b) all commissions issued under appointments made by the Governor, except commissions to notaries public; (c) all departments, boards, councils, commissions, and other collegial bodies created in the executive branch of state government; and (d) such other matters as the Governor requires.The annual report shall also include:

1. An organizational chart of state government that (i) identifies each agency, department, and institution of state government and (ii) contains a brief description of the duties of each agency, department, and institution. The Secretary of the Commonwealth may include such other information in the organizational chart as the Secretary deems appropriate. Annually, the Secretary shall make such revisions to the organizational chart as are necessary to ensure its accuracy. The organizational chart shall be posted on the Commonwealth’s website; and

2. Information and photographs of the members of the General Assembly; these materials shall be maintained for the Secretary’s use in the annual report by the Clerks of the House of Delegates and the Senate.The reports shall be transmitted by the Governor to the General Assembly, printed as other annual reports are printed, bound in a separate volume, and disposed of according to law.

D. The Secretary of the Commonwealth shall collect all fees described in § 2.2-409, and all other fees of office and commissions, accruing and pay them into the state treasury.


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