§ 2.2-4368


As used in this article:”Immediate family” means a spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters, and any other person living in the same household as the employee.”Official responsibility” means administrative or operating authority, whether intermediate or final, to initiate, approve, disapprove or otherwise affect a procurement transaction, or any claim resulting therefrom.”Pecuniary interest arising from the procurement” means a personal interest in a contract as defined in the State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act (§ 2.2-3100 et seq.).”Procurement transaction” means all functions that pertain to the obtaining of any goods, services or construction, including description of requirements, selection and solicitation of sources, preparation and award of contract, and all phases of contract administration.”Public employee” means any person employed by a public body, including elected officials or appointed members of governing bodies.


1982, c. 647, § 11-73; 1987, Sp. Sess., c. 1; 2001, c. 844.


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