§ 2.2-4400

Short title; declaration of intent; applicability

A. This chapter may be cited as the “Virginia Security for Public Deposits Act.”

B. The General Assembly intends by this chapter to establish a single body of law applicable to the pledge of collateral for public deposits in financial institutions so that the procedure for securing public deposits may be uniform throughout the Commonwealth.

C. All public deposits in qualified public depositories that are required to be secured by other provisions of law or by a public depositor shall be secured pursuant to this chapter. Public depositors are required to secure their deposits pursuant to several applicable provisions of law, including but not limited to §§ 2.2-1813, 2.2-1815, 8.01-582, 8.01-600, 15.2-1512.1, 15.2-1615, 15.2-2625, 15.2-6611, 15.2-6637, 58.1-3149, 58.1-3150, 58.1-3154, and 58.1-3158.

D. This chapter, however, shall not apply to deposits made by the State Treasurer in out-of-state financial institutions related to master custody and tri-party repurchase agreements, provided (i) such deposits do not exceed ten percent of average monthly investment balances and (ii) the out-of-state financial institutions used for this purpose have a short-term deposit rating of not less than A-1 by Standard & Poor’s Rating Service or P-1 by Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., respectively.


1973, c. 172, §§ 2.1-359, 2.1-361; 1984, c. 135; 2000, cc. 335, 352; 2001, c. 844; 2010, cc. 640, 674.


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