§ 2.2-4807

Debtor information and skip-tracing

Each agency and institution shall collect minimum prescribed information from clients, debtors, and payees. Debtor information available from state agencies, credit reporting bureaus and other appropriate sources shall be used for the purpose of skip-tracing debtors, as specified in the guidelines of the Department of Accounts and the Attorney General. The minimum prescribed information to be collected shall include the federal employer identification number of partnerships, proprietorships, and corporate clients, debtors, and payees. This minimum prescribed information shall be included in the contract payment clause required by § 2.2-4354. The Department of Accounts may require that the minimum prescribed information be supplied on any request for payment, including invoices.


1988, c. 544, § 2.1-734; 1992, c. 110; 2001, c. 844.


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