§ 2.2-5204

Community policy and management team; appointment; fiscal agent

Every county, city, or combination of counties, cities, or counties and cities shall establish a community policy and management team in order to receive funds pursuant to this chapter. Each such team shall be appointed by the governing body of the participating local political subdivision establishing the team. In making such appointments, the governing body shall ensure that the membership is appropriately balanced among the representatives required to serve on the team in accordance with § 2.2-5205. When any combination of counties, cities or counties and cities establishes a community policy and management team, the board of supervisors of each participating county or the council in the case of each participating city shall jointly establish the size of the team and the type of representatives to be selected from each locality in accordance with § 2.2-5205. The governing bodies of each participating county and city served by the team shall appoint the designated representatives from their localities. The participating governing bodies shall jointly designate an official of one member city or county to act as fiscal agent for the team.The county or city that comprises a single team and the county or city whose designated official serves as the fiscal agent for the team in the case of joint teams shall annually audit the total revenues of the team and its programs. The county or city that comprises a single team and any combination of counties or cities establishing a team shall arrange for the provision of legal services to the team.


1992, cc. 837, 880, § 2.1-750; 2001, c. 844.


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