§ 2.2-5214

Rates for purchase of services; service fee directory

The rates paid for services purchased pursuant to this chapter shall be determined by competition of the market place and by a process sufficiently flexible to ensure that family assessment and planning teams and providers can meet the needs of individual children and families referred to them. To ensure that family assessment and planning teams are informed about the availability of programs and the rates charged for such programs, the Council shall oversee the development of and approve a service fee directory that shall list the services offered and the rates charged by any entity, public or private, which offers specialized services for at-risk youth or families. The Council shall designate the Office of Children’s Services to coordinate the establishment, maintenance and other activities regarding the service fee directory.


1993, c. 110, § 2.1-759.1; 2000, c. 937; 2001, c. 844; 2015, c. 366.


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