§ 2.2-600

Standard nomenclature to be employed

Every independent administrative entity established by law and every collegial body established by law or executive order within the executive branch of state government shall be designated according to a standard nomenclature system. The following definitions shall be applied:”Department” means an independent administrative agency within the executive branch.”Board” means a permanent collegial body affiliated with an agency.”Commission” or “Council” means a permanent collegial body either affiliated with more than one agency or independent of an agency within the executive branch.”Division,” “Bureau,” “Section,” “Unit” or other similar titles shall be reserved for internal groupings within agencies.”Office” means an administrative office of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General or a governor’s secretary.Exceptions to this standard nomenclature shall be used only for agencies and entities with unique characteristics requiring unique descriptive titles, including museums, libraries and historic or commemorative attractions.


1984, c. 393, § 2.1-1.2; 2001, c. 844.


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