§ 2.2-604

Performance of duties assigned to an agency

The chief executive officer shall be responsible for any duty or task imposed upon his agency. The chief executive officer may delegate or assign to any officer or employee of his agency any tasks required to be performed by him or the agency and, in the case of an agency with a supervisory board, such board may delegate or assign the tasks. Except as otherwise provided by law, the chief executive officer may also delegate to any officer or employee of any state or quasi-state agency nondiscretionary duties conferred or imposed upon the chief executive officer or his agency by law where the delegation of duties is necessary to achieve efficiency and economy in the administration of government. The chief executive officer or supervisory board delegating or assigning tasks shall remain responsible for the performance of such tasks.Any delegation pursuant to this section shall, where appropriate, be accompanied by written guidelines for the exercise of the tasks delegated. Where appropriate, the guidelines shall require that agency heads receive summaries of actions taken. Such delegation shall not relieve the chief executive officer or supervisory board of the responsibility to ensure faithful performance of the duties and tasks.


1988, c. 273, § 2.1-20.01:2; 2001, c. 844; 2005, c. 839.


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