§ 2.2-607

Reporting transfers of personnel; granting reports

A. Whenever a state employee is transferred for a limited period of time from one state agency to another without transferring appropriations, as may be provided by law, the transfer shall be reported by the transferring agency to the Department of Human Resource Management, including the name and classification of the employee, the name of the transferring and receiving agencies and the length of time of transfer. If, at a subsequent time, the length of time is shortened or extended, a subsequent report of that fact shall also be submitted.

B. A consolidated report of all current transfers and all that have begun and ended within the preceding three-month period shall be prepared as of the first day of each January, April, July and October. A copy of each report shall be submitted to the Chairmen of the House Committee on Appropriations and the Senate Committee on Finance and the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget no later than three working days after the effective date of the report.


1982, c. 414, § 2.1-114.7:1; 2000, cc. 66, 657; 2001, c. 844.


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