§ 2.2-801

Comptroller to appoint administrative assistants, etc

A. The Comptroller shall appoint the administrative assistants, deputies and clerks allowed by law.

B. The Comptroller shall appoint administrative assistants, who shall have authority to act for and perform the duties of the Comptroller under his direction, supervision and control, and in the absence of the Comptroller to perform all the duties of the office. Of such absence, the others shall be informed. When the absence of the Comptroller is to be for more than five days at a time, notice thereof shall be given to the Governor.

C. In the event the administrative assistant is incapacitated from performing his duties during the absence of the Comptroller, the Governor shall designate some other person in the office to act during the absence of the Comptroller, and in the event of the removal, resignation or death of the Comptroller, the administrative assistant shall perform all the duties of the office until the vacancy is filled in the manner prescribed by law.

D. Such officers and their sureties shall be liable for any default or breach of duty of their administrative assistants respectively during their absence.


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