Division Of Consolidated Laboratory Services

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Division Of Consolidated Laboratory Services.” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “Organization Of State Government.” It is part of Part C, titled “State Agencies Related To The General Operation Of Government.” It is part of Chapter 11, titled “Department Of General Services.” It’s comprised of the following 6 sections.

§ 2.2-1103
Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services
§ 2.2-1104
Laboratory, testing, and analytical functions
§ 2.2-1105
Environmental laboratory certification program
§ 2.2-1106
Consolidation of other laboratories
§ 2.2-1107
Disposal of certain hazardous materials
§ 2.2-1108
Disposal of certain other property