Centralized Fleet Management

This is Article 7 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Centralized Fleet Management.” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “Organization Of State Government.” It is part of Part C, titled “State Agencies Related To The General Operation Of Government.” It is part of Chapter 11, titled “Department Of General Services.” It’s comprised of the following 10 sections.

§ 2.2-1173
§ 2.2-1174
Vehicles assigned to the centralized fleet
§ 2.2-1175
Responsibilities of Director
§ 2.2-1176
Approval of purchase, lease, or contract rental of motor vehicle
§ 2.2-1176.1
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Fund established
§ 2.2-1177
Transfer of surplus motor vehicles
§ 2.2-1178
Use of passenger-type vehicles on an assigned basis
§ 2.2-1179
Use of vehicles for commuting
§ 2.2-1180
Guidance documents governing state-owned passenger-type vehicles
§ 2.2-1181
Fleet Management Internal Service Fund