Virginia International Trade Corporation.

This is Article 11 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Virginia International Trade Corporation..” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “Organization Of State Government.” It is part of Part D, titled “State Authorities, Boards, Commissions, Councils, Foundations And Other Collegial Bodies.” It is part of Chapter 27, titled “Foundations And Other Collegial Bodies.” It’s comprised of the following 6 sections.

§ 2.2-2738
(Effective December 1, 2016) Virginia International Trade Corporation; purpose; membership; meetings
§ 2.2-2739
(Effective December 1, 2016) Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
§ 2.2-2740
(Effective April 1, 2017) Powers and duties of the Corporation
§ 2.2-2741
(April 1, 2017) Grants from the Commonwealth
§ 2.2-2742
Exemption from taxation
§ 2.2-2743
Exemptions from personnel and procurement procedures